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Let me talk about


(specifically in schools)

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  • It's essentially problem solving.
  • Different languages are incredibly well documented and there's always someone to answer your questions.
  • Initiatives like Codecademy and Scratch offer easy to follow tutorials and a great way to begin learning.
  • Different languages, such as C, JavaScript and CSS, all share elements of syntax.
  • Like learning Spanish after French, languages become easier the more you learn.
#it's-empowering {
  • Code is everywhere and can help you, even away from the keyboard.
  • Anything you write is tailored to fit your needs, and is therefore concise and compact.
  • Programming is highly extensible and adaptable; you could make a game, design a website, write a script or even program a robot.
  • You could create a more up-to-date portfolio or CV for potential employers.
#it's-needed {
  • Students are studying the wrong degrees and courses.
  • Job vacancies for talented computer engineers and artists are abundant and well paid.
  • By 2020, only 400 thousand coding-related jobs will be filled, leaving 1 million jobs empty.
  • Not even 10% of schools offer programming classes to pupils, despite it's many advantages.
  • Knowledge of coding in some form can improve your employablility.
#it's-fun {
  • You could make something to help someone else out.
  • You can collaborate and work with others through the power of the Internet.
  • It can be logical and mathematical, but creative too.
  • A laid-back and helpful community will always be able to help.
  • It gives you something to do.(more than just Facebook)
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