Spreadsheet Modelling – Assignment 3 – Excerpt

User Documentation [P9]


The following document details the process of submitting information about yourself and your visit to the United Kingdom using the form on the appropriate computers in our tourist information offices. This form is created using Microsoft Excel, and uses a macro to submit the data to a separate table. We can then collect the information people have submitted from around the country, and generate a wide variety of statistical information about tourism in the UK. The information you submit is anonymous, and we respect your right to leave any of the form fields blank if you feel the information is too personal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guide for Form Completion

The form has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. A screenshot is shown below of the form as it should appear before being filled out.

The form without any data entered.
Image by myself; see the license.

Data Submission

The first field of the form, the Date field, should already be filled in with the current date. If this is not the case, please tell a member of staff. This cell does not require any input from you.

The second field requires you to enter a home country. The easiest way to do this without causing trouble is by clicking the downward arrow to the right of the cell when it is selected. This will show a list of nations available for selection. If your own is not shown, please select Rest of World, and tell a member of staff.

Continue the process of selecting the most appropriate option from the lists provided in each field. The last two fields, Cost of Visit (£) and Comments require you to instead type an answer. The images below may help to illustrate the process.

The process of selecting an age group from the list.
Image by myself; see the license.

Once you have completed the form with your information and are content with the data, press the submit button. The page may flicker for a short period of time, but a window will appear afterwards confirming that the data has been submitted if everything has worked. If this window does not appear, please tell a member of staff in the tourist office.

The message shown once the form has been successfully submitted, and the information recorded.
Image by myself; see the license.

If the window has appeared, as shown above, you may click OK. The form has been submitted, and you may leave the computer for the next person.