Communication and Employability Skills – Assignment 2 – Excerpt

Grid — Barriers and Solutions

Environmental (Extrinsic) Factors

Problem Solution
The room or area that the communication occurs in is filled with the sound of other people communicating verbally and potentially the sound of machinery or other noise generating objects. Applying primarily to verbal communication, this would be a problem as those communicating may not be able to hear each other over the ambient sounds. In order to overcome this, the parties involved in the communication could move to another area, or move closer to one another. In particular cases, a microphone and headphone arrangement could be used. In other situations, people could be asked to talk more quietly or stop talking, or machinery could be switched off or changed to a less disrupting setting.
The area in which people are trying to communicate to uncomfortably warn or cold. This would lead to the receivers not being attentive, more of their focus being diverted to adjusting their immediate surroundings. Although in some particular situations (such as outdoors), this may not be a variable of the environment that can be easily changed, but if it can it can have a big impact on the success of communication. In an office or educational institution, for example, fans or heaters could be used to make those listening more comfortable and therefore better listeners.

Interpersonal (Intrinsic) Factors

Problem | Solution
The parties involved in the communication could not be able to understand each other if they were not all fluent in a single language. This could be a particular problem for businesses when negotiating deals oversees, and could lead to misunderstanding between individuals as to the details of the matter. | In order to overcome the barrier created by different people not having a common language in which they can communicate, an interpreter (or many) can be employed to translate between languages. In a scenario centred around written communication, particularly over the internet, online translation services such as Google Translate can be used to change a passage of text into another language, but such applications may miss certain cultural differences which may result in offence being caused.